Jurimetrica Academy
Mastering Quantitative Research Methods in Legal Science 

Welcome to Jurimetrica Academy

We offer prerequisite courses in the field of law, mathematics, computer science and economics with an intuitive and practical approach with the aim of preparing you for the more advanced courses we offer in the field of jurimetrics and LegalTech.

We offer courses in Jurimetrics and LegalTech. Jurimetrics is a field that involves the application of quantitative methods and empirical research to legal issues. LegalTech refers to the use of technology and software to improve and streamline legal services and processes.  

We offer learning paths that are designed to help students achieve specific learning objectives or develop particular skills. The currently available learning paths are Jurimetrics research, LegalTech start-up, Legal process management and Legal risk management.

We welcome researchers and students from around the world to join our (online) academy, dedicated to exploring and advancing the field of jurimetrics. Jurimetrics entails applying quantitative methods, statistics, and information science to examine legal systems, processes, and phenomena.

Our courses and learning paths are accessible to all who wish to participate in the jurimetrics science community and contribute to the growth of the field. Our education is not intended to replace legal education but should be viewed as an advancement for studying subjects that currently receive less attention in the standard curriculum.

We offer instruction in mathematics, AI, IT, and legal science, providing opportunities to acquire relevant knowledge and skills for future research or the development of practical solutions.