Jurimetrica Academy
Mastering Quantitative Research Methods in Legal Science 

Research program 2023-2027

Advancing Access to Justice through Jurimetrics and LegalTech

Securing access to justice is an inherent human right, yet a significant number of individuals, especially those in more vulnerable positions, encounter difficulties in navigating the legal system. Beyond its individual implications, access to justice is pivotal for upholding confidence in the legal system and is a cornerstone for sustaining social stability. This research initiative is committed to gaining a deeper understanding of these challenges and crafting potential solutions through the application of jurimetrics and LegalTech. Our program aims to advance access to justice, fostering a legal landscape characterized by fairness and equity.

Research Goals:

Constructing Models and Frameworks:

Designing comprehensive models and frameworks aimed at providing a deeper understanding of the barriers to access justice.

Utilizing LegalTech Innovations:

Harnessing cutting-edge LegalTech tools, including AI and blockchain, to devise inventive solutions for enhancing access to justice.

Real-world (experimental) Evaluation:

Performing experimental studies to gauge the practical effectiveness of proposed solutions and evaluating their impact in real-world legal settings.

Collaboration with LegalTech Startups:

Engaging in partnerships with LegalTech startups and collaborating with various institutions to facilitate the implementation of proposed solutions across diverse legal systems and contexts.


Enhancing access to justice is a pivotal and time-critical concern that demands innovative, multidisciplinary strategies. Important ongoing research encompasses viewing law as an instrument, delving into legal economics, analyzing the various paths people take to access justice, and probing subjective perceptions of legal access, among other aspects. Our emphasis enriches the existing body of knowledge as we delve into the restructuring of operational frameworks within courts and other adjudicative bodies.